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Getting Started with ChatGPT and AI chatbots

Mark's latest book, coming December 6th from BCS Publishing. A gentle introduction into using the latest AI chatbot technologies safely and wisely.

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A lifetime at the cutting edge of technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and communication.

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Since 2014, TWISTA has charted the growth of Australia's thriving startup ecosystem.

A gentle introduction into using the latest AI technologies safely and wisely.

Mark pens a column for the flagship science publication in Australia, COSMOS

Since 2014, Mark has brought his deep experience in the business and culture of technology to the sharp-eyed readers of The Register - the oldest and among the most respected of online IT publications.

I recently rediscovered Labyrinth - the original, 28-year old application that was the beginning of the 3D Web.  It still works! 
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