As we grapple with 'sovereign AI', perhaps we should treat computational resources as finite and precious

COSMOS column 21  February 2023 - "While both commercial and political imperatives drive some of the explosive growth in 'foundation' large language models, more of it – much, much more – will be driven by an increasingly nuanced understanding of the value of these models...."

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AI has a terrible energy problem. It’s about to hit crisis point

COSMOS column 14  February 2023 - "Unless something knocks us off this path, it’s reasonable to expect that by around 2030 there will be more than a billion people using AI day-to-day in their work, and perhaps another 3 or 4 billion using it..."

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It's time we add friction to digital experiences and slow them down

Decades of obsessing about always going faster have left us in constant danger.

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Microsoft's new subscription 'Copilot Pro' service - is it worth AUD $45 per person per month? Read our white paper to learn whether the business case makes sense for your organisation.

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In my regular chat with RNZ's Nine To Noon host Kathryn Ryan, I talk about the huge advance in "spatial computing" introduced by Apple's Vision Pro. It comes with a hefty price tag - and will people really want to wear them?

Deepfakes keep getting better - just ask the Hong Kong employee whose company lost $40m on an extremely real scam and what are the implications of Google no longer backing up the web?

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Apple has botched 3D for decades, so good luck with the Vision Pro, Tim

It looks like a fine product, but it's the ecosystem that will determine success

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