Selected talks

"grey areas: 'hybrid' workers and the shape of the post-pandemic workforce"

LogMeIn Webinar - 18 February 2021
Three classes of workers are now returning to offices: one-third who are impatient to return; one quarter who never want to return; and the remainder - the new class of 'hybrid' workers who occupy a space between office and remote work. Do managers have the tools to support this new class of workers?

"While You Were OUt"

CFO Series Melbourne - November 2020
Australians have been rightly focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. But the world of finance kept moving - and the drive toward 'digital currencies' such as China's Digital Currency / Electronic Payments 'digital yuan' - has picked up speed. Last month, PayPal said that their half billion users will soon be able to purchase and transact in four cryptocurrencies. Finally, the Reserve Bank of Australia has announced it is creating a digital currency for 'wholesale' banking. The whole world changed while you were out. In this talk for the CFO Series, we explore how -- and what it means.

"the ar dilemma"

XR:WA - December 2020

Drawing from my recently released book Augmented Reality: Unboxing Tech's Next Big Thing, 'The AR Dilemma' makes some observations about the essential nature of AR as a technology of surveillance - and then asks us what we might want to do about a technology that allows us to 'write the world'.

"new money"

ASX Illuminate Sydney - 10 October 2019

Transition from digital payments to digital currencies - led by the People's Bank of China and their Digital Yuan - is fundamental. Changing money changes everything touched by money, including banking, investing and the retail economy.

PNG in a connected world

PNG Investment Conference Sydney - October 2017

Futurist Mark Pesce considers what Papua New Guinea could do to 'lean in' to the current trends in technology, finance, agribusiness and telecommunications in order to reach middle-income nation status by the year 2050.